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Jul 15, 2017  Download leguide lego batman the video game apk 1.0 for Android. Guide for lego batman the video game. The official movie site for THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE DIGITAL MOVIE AND BLU-RAY™ AVAILABLE NOW. Download LEGO® Batman: The Videogame for free. LEGO® Batman: The Videogame - When all the villains in Arkham Asylum team up and break loose, only the dynamic duo is bold enough to take them on to save Gotham City.

LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham APK 1.08(7.98 MB)

OBB installation location -> /sdcard/Android/obb/


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  • Requires Android4.0.3 and up
  • File Size7.98 MB
  • CategoryAdventure, Mod
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LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham Description

LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham content inherited the family as the action-adventure game Lego consistent characteristics, players can in combination with Lego DC Comics world, playing Justice League heroes, including Batman contained, and the use of these heroes The special abilities that we have to break the puzzles and organs in the levels, and to 'smash' the evil conspirators of the bad guys. In fact, watching the group of cute building blocks as superheroes and funny interaction between the villains, not only included a series of the largest number of ever 150 characters, in addition to players in addition to playing the heroic role of the camp, and even Opportunity to manipulate the notorious evil villain, including the clown or Rex Luther.

As for why the player can play a bad guy in this game? This is from the story of 'LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham' story. The fallen corps of six villains, including Rex Luther, the clown, the firefly, the leopard female, the crocodile, and Solomon Grandi, invaded the Justice League in the universe under the planning of Rex Luther When the Watchtower receives a distress signal from the Mars rover in the universe, members of the Justice League immediately went to the universe and fought fierce battles with the Fallen Corps in the watchtower. However, at this time, Blagnac, the artificial intelligence living creature, abducted the members of the Legion of Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple Halo lights with his mind control abilities. In order to capture the last light ring Who holds the Green Lantern of the Green Lantern Hal to complete his control of the universe, evil plan, Brenackack will claw stretched out to earth. Brelanyak's mind control can reverse the character of the object, his hypnotic light cast in the universe and even Batman has also been affected, in order to fight the enemy from outer space, the hero and villain on Earth In the last resort only work together to resist the enemy.

The six-color ring members who were fooled by Blaenyac's trick were all captured by Blaenyac brainwashing, Justice League VS Fallen Legion, a lovely war of no suspense.

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Although the 'LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham' be regarded as an action adventure game in the classification, but the battle with the enemy in the game can only be regarded as a foil, but really give the player a variety of fun and collect puzzle elements of the level. In the puzzle elements, the most important thing is to be able to make use of the respective capabilities of the characters, the role of the player manipulated are often two or more teams, each role in addition to their own ability, but also with the story To obtain a suit of other abilities, the player must switch to the correct character at the right time, and at the same time, have him or her in the right suit to be able to activate certain authorities or destroy certain obstacles Keep going. For example, Batman added space-flying cosmic costumes for his work, as well as search costumes that stealth and explore the secret locations, as well as explosive shells that can damage specific obstacles. The assistant to the Batman, Robin, has the ability to cross the radiation liquid and the recovery of building blocks and other functions of the crisis costumes, in addition to the computer system can be used to summon a small robot assistant engineering dress, and can send a bright light Dark environment, flashing dress and so on.

In terms of collection elements, 'LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham' is worth having a repeat play of the game, the player can use to attack in the level to 'dismantling' of various objects in the environment can be damaged, thereby collecting can improve clearance evaluation (Similar to the fractional system), and at the end of the level will be based on the players clearance performance to the special golden bricks (a total of 250). In addition, there are three special items in each level waiting to be collected by the player. One is to collect Minikit by destroying a specified number of specific items, such as a clown in a prank toy box inside the level. The second is hidden in the level of the red building blocks PowerBrick, found to open and more roles and ability to strengthen. And finally, Adam West, who appears at every level, tries to find and save the former Batman actor trapped in the level. It is not always possible for a player to acquire all the elements of a collection at the first attempt, and in particular, certain authorities may require the ability of a specific character to be released. Players can also use the Free Play mode to experience previously acquired characters The level of

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'LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham' This time the player away from the familiar Gotham City, replaced by a more vast universe and seven have their own distinctive ring lights planet, except the player can experience different from the past Lego World In addition, the rich number of characters, character skills and collection elements, coupled with the same can support stand-alone double play function, I believe both adults and children can get from the vast building blocks of the world for their own pleasure.-Apkaward.Com

Free Lego Batman Game Download

'LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham' ported from the host version to the mobile version, since the picture is not as beautiful as the original, the operation is not the original flexibility, but on the mobile platform point of view, this is a worthy masterpiece, because it There are exciting stories that are very naturally linked to the game in a cinematic way, with puzzle solving that requires the player to complete and the action part together to form a super-hero movie that can be said to be player-driven.