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Jun 04, 2016  Download Samsung Milk Music 1.5. Stream radio programs and music whenever you want.

  1. Samsung Milk Music listeners have the option to transfer their listening history to Slacker Radio by leaving Samsung Milk Music and signing up for a Slacker Radio account. As part of the migration process, all the playlists, favorites, and preferences associated with Samsung Milk Music account will transfer to the new Slacker Radio account!
  2. Description of Samsung Milk Music. Samsung Milk Music, powered by Slacker, is a free streaming radio service that offers a simple way to surface the music that is right for you. While some radio apps rely on formulas and algorithms, Samsung Milk Music leaves it up to your ears to lead your music discovery.

About App

Samsung Milk Music is a free streaming radio service that is the outcome of a pact between Slacker Radio and Samsung. Featuring an ingenious interactive dial, the app presents android phone users with selections that resonate with their unique persona. Users can easily scan through over 200 stations to find the best-suited music anytime, anywhere. Plus, the app further personalizes the user’s music experience by allowing users to customize stations and songs lists. In essence, this customizable list gives users cruise control over what goes on air.


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As the app’s name suggests, Samsung Milk Music was originally created exclusively for Samsung’s next-gen line of phones. However, developer Kostas Theos opened up the bandwagon to all android phone users through a simple APK file. And now, all you need is an android device to enjoy a resourceful, ad-free app that was once exclusive to premium Samsung smartphones. Already, the app’s original design has ‘sharing’ at the heart of its design. The app comes with versatile social share functions for sharing your favorite songs and stations with your friends on various social media platforms.

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Milk music download for android phone free
  • An ingenious interactive dial for scanning 200 stations seamlessly.
  • Customizable songs and artists list
  • Social share functions

Milk Music Download For Android Free


Milk Music Download For Android 2016

  • Users can listen to music without ad interruptions.
  • It runs without internet connections.
  • It has an intuitive and highly responsive dial.
  • Customized songs and stations list with comprehensive customization options that allow for streamline preferences.


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  • Some reported bugs.
  • An unbalanced sound equalizer with a much louder brass.