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For those of us that love to grab vidoes and large files online we’d know about orbit downloader for PC. Unfortunately, orbit downloader for Android phone to download videos in mobile most especially YouTube videos doesn’t really work on my phone then I decided to go for orbit download for Android best alternatives that can grab videos from YouTube in mobile once and for all.

So, here in this post we’d share with you amazing and best orbit download manager for Android to download YouTube video in mobile for free, and without registration.

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Before we came up with this idea to share with you this post on Android orbit downloader we have published post on how to download YouTube videos without software on PC and how to download YouTube videos on Android without apps.

And here today, we’re sharing an amazing set of Android apps like orbit downloader for Android phone. However, if you are new to orbit downloader for PC and what it does you may want to refer to this post on orbit downloader.

With the procedure in the article you would learn almost everything you need to know about orbit download apk file if you intend to use the downloader on your PC. But for the sake of using the same apps like orbit download for Android here is a post for.

Apps Like Orbit Downloader For Android Phone

  1. Orbit Downloader is a Download Manager for Windows with special focus on downloading content from social media websites like Myspace, YouTube, Imeem, Pandora and Rapidshare. In addition it provides generic means to download media content from Flash based media players via its.
  2. May 29, 2017 Orbit Downloader is a part of best free download manager application for Windows and MAC. This download manager is capable of increasing the download speed by five times. Orbit Downloader is a light app which acquires only 3% of your CPU and helps your PC to run smoothly.

Here in this post, the writer would introduced you to some sets of apps that work like orbit download for PC on Android phone to download YouTube videos on Android very easily. These set of apps are what we’ve tested and they are still working very fine to download YouTube videos on Android just like the way you can use orbit download for PC to grab YouTube videos.

Orbit Download Manager For Android Pc

Orbit Downloader is a free download manager. Orbit Download is a free download manager that is specialized in the download of “social media sites”. With the Orbit plugin for your browser, you can even direct movies download while playing. Orbit Downloader contains all the important features of a download manager: manage downloads, speed up, pause, and resume. Orbit Downloader. For a free download manager application, Orbit Downloader packs in some serious goodies. At just about 5 MB in size, Orbit Downloader lets you download all your files with minimum fuss. You can download multiple files at a time, and add tags to your downloads for better grouping and management. Aug 23, 2009  Main purpose of Download Managers is to increase the download speed. Orbit Downloader does this very well. It uses P2P technology, and multi-source downloading. So, you are able to achive super fast downloading. Apart from this, Orbit Downloader is very low on system resources, and completely free. Try it out, you will like it. Orbit Downloader is a free download manager for Microsoft Windows. Like Free Download Manage r and other similar software, Orbit Downloader accelerates downloads by making use of multiple.

So do you need apps like orbit download for Android phone to grab YouTube videos? Littlest pet shop free download for android apk. Then let move at the same speed.

1. TubeMate Downloader for Android Phone

Tubemate is my all time favorite when it comes to download YouTube videos on my Android phone. Firstly, I actually don’t know and can’t tell why Google kicked Tubemate ass off play store. Despite that fact, Tubemate is one of the best apps you can always think about when it comes to download YouTube videos in mobile or on Android phone.

Tubemate is a mobile alternative to orbit download for PC. In fact, for those that love to download YouTube video either on PC or on Android phone, users always love to have Tubemate for PC to make YouTube videos download extremely easy and with just a single click.

As far as this post if concern, Tubemate is the number one orbit downloader for Android phone to search and download YouTube videos with just a click.

Note: It’s good to let you know that Tubemate doesn’t grab YouTube video in mobile like orbit downloader does for PC but it does the job of downloading YouTube videos either using the search box or copy and paste the video URL into the search box.

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2. Videoder Orbit Download Alternative for Android

A whole lot of people do talk about tubemate alternatives. Yes, tubemate alternative but the question comes to my mind whether videoder is Tubemate alternative for real? Do you know what I got for an answer?

Videoder isn’t Tubemate alternative but a close competitor competing to be the best Android app to download videos from YouTube on Android phone.

However, videoder isn’t only competing with Tubemate, Videoder is also an alternative to orbit downloader for Android phone to search and download videos on YouTube, dailymotion, vimeo etc.

With videoder app you can easily search for any video on YouTube and download it on your mobile using videoder search box or copy the video URL from your browser and paste it in videoder for downloading without any trick whatsoever.

3. Keepvid YouTube Video Downloader

Keepvid is another popular orbit downloader for Android phone to download YouTube, Facebook, Veimeo, Dailymotion videos with just a click. Keepvid can be used on Mac, Windows and with Cloud/web to download videos online for free and without registration.

Meanwhile, if you are tired of using orbit downloader or couldn’t download video of your choice on YouTube, Facebook etc using orbit downloader you could afford to go for keepvid to enjoy one of the easiest ways to download YouTube videos for free without trick.

4. Tube Offline YouTube Video Downloader

Tubeoffline is yet another popular alternative to orbit download for Android phone users to search and download YouTube videos without registration and for free. Although orbit is king of them all at some time but talking about how to download YouTube videos in mobile you may want to refer to tubeoffline video downloader.

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Let keep it at this point. These fours apps to download YouTube videos are extremely cool and could be used without rocket scientist experience. However, if you have a choice of best orbit downloader for Android phone that could be regarded as a better alternative kindly drop a comment.