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SparkChat Team messenger is a leading team communication app with excellent features like group chat, file sharing, multiple device syncing and a great admin module. Try SparkChat for Free for a limited time period. Spark messenger free download - Spark, Spark, Yahoo Messenger, and many more programs. Enter to Search. My Profile Logout. CNET News Best Apps. Spark messenger free download - Spark, Spark Browser, Messenger, and many more programs. Enter to Search. My Profile Logout. CNET News Best Apps. SparkChat Team messenger is a leading team communication app with excellent features like group chat, file sharing, multiple device syncing and a great admin module. Try SparkChat for Free for a limited time period. Nov 13, 2019  Download Spark Sport apk 1.5.5 for Android. Get easy access to the sports you love. LIVE and On Demand sport streaming. SparkChat is a free group chat app for unlimited users with great team communication & collaboration features. Get advanced features for $3 USD per user. Download today.

Communicate Securely, Engage Employees, Boost Productivity

SparkChat is a mobile and web enterprise communication tool that helps combine the benefits of mobile messengers with the confidentiality your business needs. All this with superior admin control and a whole host of features that help you boost productivity without worrying about security.

Messenger Download For Android Phone

Ensure all your information stays with you, manage the users on your network and the features you need for your business.

Understand the pulse of your organization with easy to use Polls & surveys and even broadcast live to all your employees.

Build a more efficient workforce. Communicate organisation wide, manage projects and check on sales and spends all in one place.

You can converse 1-1, in invite only private groups for specific projects or teams or organization wide public groups to share knowledge about various topics. Start an induction group for new employees or a public appreciation group to give top performers a pat on the back!

The admin panel is your gateway to better user management. Wallpapers for android free download. It helps you enjoy a more customized and secure experience and is the real powerhouse of SparkChat. Here’s a few of the things you can do with it:

Manage users

You can control the features available to each user within your team or organization easily and at the click of a button. You can invite, disable and delete accounts for when a new employee joins your team or someone leaves.

Make SparkChat your own

You can adopt your own brand colours (or any other colour you may want) for your very own version of SparkChat. So it becomes your own team or organizations chat system, not just any other 3rd party app

Track Usage Metrics

We know that one of the biggest concerns when you try out a new tool is whether its being adopted. Keeping that in mind, the admin panel helps you track the number of messages across 1-1, private groups and public groups within your team.

SparkChat works the way you do when you’re on the go. It helps you sync across all your devices with fully native Android, iOS and Web apps. This means that information shared on one device reflects on every device keeping you updated and giving you access to all your information on the go.

You can manage all your tasks, set due dates and reminders, assign team members and even share files and chat about specific tasks so your projects go as planned and all your team members are always on the same page.
Sharing files on the go can be hard and time consuming,. With SparkChat you can share any kind of file and even share files via your Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud drive accounts (how many of us store files on our mobile phones anyhow?)
Keep a check on the pulse of your organisation with polls and surveys. You can connect with your employees & customize your surveys as per your needs all within your chat screen without the need for lengthy conversations. You can check on everything from where your team wants to go for the next office offsite to what your employees thought of the newest HR policy.
Aggregate data such as sales targets and revenues, customer service tickets completed, jobs completed. Etc as per your organizational needs and SparkChat will help you without the need of excel sheets or google sheets. All this on the go without the need to find a place to access your computer from.

Spark Messenger Download For Android Free

Secure Messaging your way! We know that each of you has your own security needs and with that in mind we offer you the option of hosting SparkChat on our cloud or on your own servers. All this in a super easy way, without having your entire IT team installing it for days. A few clicks and voila, you’re on!
  • Latest Version:

    Spark 2.8.3 LATEST

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  • Requirements:

    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

  • Author / Product:

    Igniterealtime / Spark

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  • Details:

    Spark 2019 full offline installer setup for PC 32bit/64bit

Spark Messenger Download For Android Phone

Spark is an Open Source, cross-platform IM client for Windows PC optimized for businesses and organizations. It features built-in support for group chat, telephony integration, and strong security. It also offers a great end-user experience with features like in-line spell checking, group chat room bookmarks, and tabbed conversations.
Spark is a full-featured instant messaging (IM) and groupchat client that uses the XMPP protocol. The Spark source code is governed by the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), which can be found in the LICENSE.html file in this distribution. The app also contains Open Source software from third-parties. Licensing terms for those components is specifically noted in the relevant source files.
Also Available: Download Spark for Mac