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Aug 21, 2012  Gen. Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) has ruled the oil-rich North African country of Wadiya since the age of six, when 97 stray bullets.

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(dĭk′tā′tər, dĭk-tā′-)n.1.
b. A tyrant; a despot.
2. An ancient Roman magistrate appointed temporarily to deal with an immediate crisis or emergency.
3. One who dictates: These initials are those of the dictator of the letter.


(dɪkˈteɪtə) n1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy)
a. a ruler who is not effectively restricted by a constitution, laws, recognized opposition, etc
2. (Historical Terms) (in ancient Rome) a person appointed during a crisis to exercise supreme authority
3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in ancient Rome) a person appointed during a crisis to exercise supreme authority
4. a person who makes pronouncements, as on conduct, fashion, etc, which are regarded as authoritative
5. a person who behaves in an authoritarian or tyrannical manner


(ˈdɪk teɪ tər, dɪkˈteɪ tər)
1. a ruler exercising absolute power without hereditary right or the free consent of the people.
2. (in ancient Rome) a person invested with supreme authority during a crisis.
3. a person who authoritatively prescribes conduct, usage, etc.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin]


1. A Roman magistrate with temporary extraordinary powers, such as in time of national crisis. By the time of Sulla and Julius Caesar it had come to mean an extraconstitutional office with unlimited powers for an unspecified duration.
2. A ruler whose power is unlimited and is not challenged by a recognized opposition.
Noun1.dictator - a speaker who dictates to a secretary or a recording machine
speaker, talker, verbaliser, verbalizer, utterer - someone who expresses in language; someone who talks (especially someone who delivers a public speech or someone especially garrulous); 'the speaker at commencement'; 'an utterer of useful maxims'
2.dictator - a ruler who is unconstrained by law
ruler, swayer - a person who rules or commands; 'swayer of the universe'
shogun - a hereditary military dictator of Japan; the shoguns ruled Japan until the revolution of 1867-68
strongman - a powerful political figure who rules by the exercise of force or violence; 'he is determined to bring down the Iraqi strongman'
autocrat, despot, tyrant - a cruel and oppressive dictator
3.dictator - a person who behaves in a tyrannical manner; 'my boss is a dictator who makes everyone work overtime'
Big Brother - an authoritarian leader and invader of privacy
disciplinarian, martinet, moralist - someone who demands exact conformity to rules and forms
oppressor - a person of authority who subjects others to undue pressures


nounabsolute ruler, tyrant, despot, Big Brother, oppressor, control freak, autocrat, absolutist, martinetthe fall of Haiti's military dictator


noun1. An absolute ruler, especially one who is harsh and oppressive:
Big Brother, despot, führer, man on horseback, oppressor, strongman, totalitarian, tyrant.
2. One who imposes or favors absolute obedience to authority:
authoritarian, autocrat, despot, martinet, totalitarian, tyrant.
nhà độc tài


[dɪkˈteɪtəʳ]Ndictador(a) m/f


(of letter, passage)Diktierende(r)mf


(dikˈteit) , ((American) ˈdikteit) verb
1. to say or read out (something) for someone else to write down. He always dictates his letters (to his secretary). dikteer, voorskryf يُمْلي عَلى диктувам ditar diktovat diktieren diktere υπαγορεύωdictar dikteerima دیکته کردن؛ املا کردن sanella dicter לְהַכתִיב आज्ञा देना diktirati tollba mond mendiktekan stíla; lesa fyrir dettare 書き取らせる 받아쓰게 하다 diktuoti diktēt menyebut supaya dirakam dicterendikteredyktować ديكټه كول، املاويل: حكم كول، په زوره ويل ditar a dicta диктовать diktovať narekovati diktirati diktera บอกให้เขียนตาม (söyleyerek) yazdırmak; dikte et(tir)mek 聽寫,口述 диктувати املا کرنا đọc cho viết 听写,口述
2. to state officially or with authority. He dictated the terms of our offer. dikteer يُمْلي شُروطَه диктувам ditar diktovat vorschreiben diktere υπαγορεύωdictar määrama, peale sundima تحکم کردن؛ رسماً اعلام کردن sanella dicter לְהַכתִיב अधिकारपूर्वक बोलना diktirati, određivati diktál menyatakan mæla fyrir um dettare 指示する 지령하다 diktuoti diktēt menyatakan voorschrijven, opleggendiktere, bestemmedyktować رسمأ اعلانول ditar a impune диктовать diktovať določiti diktirati diktera ควบคุม ileri sürmek 正式陳述 приписувати آمرانہ انداز میں نافذ کرنا tuyên bố 正式陈述
3. to give orders to; to command. I certainly won't be dictated to by you (= I won't do as you say). dikteer, voorsê يَأْمُر، يُمْلي أوامِرَهُ диктувам mandar přikazovat, předpisovat befehlen diktere διατάζωmandar käsutama امر و نهی کردن؛ زور گویی کردن käskeä faire la loi לְחַיֵב, לִקבּוֹע आदेश देना narediti parancsol memerintahkan gefa fyrirmæli comandare 命令する 명령하다 įsakinėti pavēlēt memerintahkan commanderenkommandere, diktere narzucać ، په زوره ويل mandar a da ordine диктовать prikázať ukazovati narediti kommendera สั่งการ emretmek, buyurmak 命令 наказувати حکم چلانا ra lệnh 命令
dicˈtation noun
something read for another to write down. The secretary is taking dictation. diktaat, voorskrif إمْلاء диктовка ditado diktát das Diktat diktat κείμενο προς υπαγόρευση dictado etteütlus دیکته؛ املا sanelu dictéeהכתבה श्रुत लेख diktat tollbamondás dikte upplestur dettato, dettatura 書き取り 구술 diktantas diktāts; diktēšana pengimlakan dicteediktatdyktando املا ditado dictare диктовка diktát narek diktat diktamen การเขียนตามคำบอก dikte 聽寫 диктант; розпорядження املا کا عمل sự đọc chính tả 听写
dicˈtator noun
an all-powerful ruler. As soon as he became dictator, he made all political parties illegal and governed the country as he liked. diktator, alleenheerser طاغِيَه، دكتاتور диктатор ditador diktátor der Diktator diktator δικτάτοραςdictador diktaator دیکتاتور؛ خودکامه diktaattori dictateur/-trice רודן, דיקטטור तानाशाह diktator, tiranin diktátor diktator einræðisherra dittatore 独裁者 독재자 diktatorius diktators diktator dictatordiktator, eneherskerdyktator دكټاټور، مستبد: هغه څوك چه په دولتى چارو كې ډير زيات واك لرى ditador dictator диктатор diktátor diktator diktator diktator ผู้เผด็จการ diktatör 獨裁者 диктатор مطلق العنان kẻ độc tài 独裁者
dicˈtatorship noun
1. the authority of a dictator. His dictatorship is threatened by the terrorists. diktatorskap, alleenheerserskap طُغْيان، دكتاتورِيَّه диктатура ditadura diktatura die Diktatur diktatur η εξουσία του δικτάτορα dictadura diktatuur دیکتاتوری؛ قدرت مطلق diktatuuri dictatureדיקטטורה तानाशाही diktatorstvo, tiranija parancsuralom, diktatúra kediktatoran einræði dittatura 独裁 독재권 diktatūra diktatūra pemerintahan diktator dictatuurdiktaturdyktatura دكټاټور ditadura dictatură диктатура diktatúra diktatura diktatura diktatur อำนาจเผด็จการ diktatörlük 獨裁 диктатура آمریت chế độ độc tài 独裁
2. a state ruled by a dictator. That country is a dictatorship now. diktatorskap, alleenheerskappy دَوْلَه دِكْتاتورِيَّه диктатура ditadura diktatura die Diktatur diktatur δικτατορίαdictadura diktatuur نظام دیکتاتوری diktatuuri dictatureדיקטטורה अधिनायकत्व diktatura diktatúra kediktatoran einræðisríki dittatura 独裁政治 독재 diktatoriaus valdoma valstybė diktatora pārvaldīta valsts kerajaan yang diperintah diktator dictatuurdiktaturdyktatura د دیکتاتوری نظام ditadura dictatură диктатура diktatúra diktatura diktatura diktatur การปกครองแบบเผด็จการ dikta rejimi, diktatörlük 專政 диктатура آمرانہ حکومت nền chuyên chính 专政


ديكتاتور diktátor diktatorDiktatorδικτάτοραςdictador diktaattoridictateur diktatordittatore 独裁者 독재자dictatordiktatordyktatorditadorдиктатор diktator ผู้เผด็จการdiktatör nhà độc tài独裁
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