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Spectrum analysis is one of the areas that have witnessed a tremendous amount of advances in terms of technology. Currently, we are able to conduct the majority of the analysis in an automated manner and thus saving a lot of time while at the same time being accurate.

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If you choose an engaging visual design to hook your app users, the Audio Visualization View open-source library for Android apps can help. It deals with audio streams, ensures seamless. Advanced FFT Spectrum Analyzer is a real-time ( RTA ) powerful audio tool to visualize and analyze signals from android device microphone in frequ.


This is all thanks to the modern spectrum analyzer software that will ensure you are able to get lots more from your average computer or even mobile devices.

Aaronia Spectrum Analyzer Software

Aaronia Spectrum Analyzer Software is a freeware that comes packed with lots of functionalities to ensure you achieve the most accurate analysis. With the tool, the users are able to get fully customized skins and look as well as the ability to use it in virtually all the OS.


Touchstone is an RF spectrum analyzer software that turns the data collected through tools such as RF Explorer into graphical charts and other high-quality displays. With this, you can be sure of making much more detailed analysis and consequently be more accurate at it which is critically important.

Sygyt Spectrum

Sygyt Spectrum analyzer software is a freeware that makes experimentation with sound waves a thing that can be accessed by almost everyone. At the same time, the software makes it easy to do sound visualization and analysis of the spectrum which is usually a challenging thing.

Other Platform

The majority of the spectrum analysis software’s are standalone applications. In addition to this, they also heavily depend on the resources of the computer and thus are heavily integrated into the OS. That is the result it makes them very platform dependent, this has to be constantly kept in mind.

Dogs Park iSpectrum for Mac

Audio Spectrum Download For Android

Dogs Park iSpectrum is a spectrum analyzer software dedicated to the Mac users and is donation based since it is offered absolutely free. With this software, users have the ability to choose from six bandwidth resolutions. Overall, the software gives the user so many controls which are great for perfect analysis.

Audio Spectrum Software

TrueRTA’s Audio Spectrum for Windows

TrueRTA’s audio spectrum analyzer software designed to work on the Windows platform. The software comes packed with lots of features for the benefit of the users. It features; a high-resolution real-time analyzer, low distortion signal generator, dual trace oscilloscope, digital level meter, and a crest factor meter.

Spectrum Analyzer for Android

Spectrum Analyzer is an Android App that makes it possible to make an analysis of sound waves right from your phone. The app comes in two variations; there is the free app version while there is also a premium version. The free version also comes with some cool features such as tap to pause and does not have Ads.

Most Popular Software for 2016Spike

Audio Spectrum Download For Android

Spike by Signal Hound is a leading spectrum analyzer software. The analyzer is windows based and for the convenience purpose, it comes in two variants for the 32 bit systems as well as one for 64 bit systems. The software offers real-time analysis and improved TG sweeps.

What is Spectrum Analyzer Software?

A spectrum analysis is a computer application that is designed to make an analysis of the various elements of a radio frequency or RF in short. With the use of the software’s in this category, the users are able to make visualization with the use of various methods such as charts. It is from such visualization that analysis is able to be conducted.

Essentially, the software in this category transforms an average computer or even a smartphone into an accurate spectrum analyzer. All this is without necessarily need to purchase additional equipment. As a result, it is easy and convenient for professionals and hobbyist to get working.You may also see Wi-Fi Analyzer Software

There are a lot of things that technology has helped us achieve, and this is definitely one of them. With the detailed reviews made above, it is now quite easy to choose the best spectrum analyzer software for both professionals and those seeking to have fun with this.

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Audio Spectrum Free Download For Android

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