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Tomb Raider: LegendGoogle chrome free download for android. is an action-adventure video game developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Eidos Interactive. It is the seventh entry in the Tomb Raider series and the first in a franchise reboot that reimagined the origins and character of series protagonist Lara Croft.


Tomb Raider: Legend revives the athletic, intelligent and entertaining adventurer who won the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide. Lara comes alive with intricately animated expressions, moves and abilities. An arsenal of modern equipment, such as a magnetic grappling device, binoculars, frag grenades, personal lighting device and communications equipment, allows gamers to experience tomb raiding as never before. New character animations and controls allow her to move through stunning environments with grace and precision, while an understanding of the game’s original appeal reinvigorates the fundamental explore-and-solve adventure experience.


Tomb Raider: Legend is a single-player action-adventure game in which the player controls the protagonist, Lara Croft, from a third-person perspective, through eight levels set across seven locations around the world. As Lara, the player can jump, climb and shimmy along ledges and vertical poles or ladders, crawl through small spaces, swing on ropes and horizontal poles, interact with objects and switches, use a grappling line to swing across gaps and pull objects towards her, and swim and dive underwater for a limited time. Different button combinations can create more moves such as a roll and swan dive. Some levels have Lara on a motorbike racing through that part of the level while fighting enemies.

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Tomb Raider: Legend
Developer(s)Crystal Dynamics
Publisher(s)Eidos Interactive
Producer(s)Morgan Gray
Designer(s)Riley Cooper
Doug Church
Programmer(s)Rob Pavey
Writer(s)Eric Lindstrom
Aaron Vanian
Toby Gard
Composer(s)Troels Brun Folmann
SeriesTomb Raider
Platform(s)PlayStation Portable

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Developer's Commentary

Tomb Raider Legend Review

Most Media Starlets have to resort to plastic surgery in order to relaunch themselves - who can forget the press furore over Jade's new boobs? We certainly can't Which is why we felt it time to investigate the men who made Lara cool again - nipping and tucking at her gameplay and figure until she became markedly less shit than she used to be. And at least 45% more kissable too, if you're not averse to fancying works of fiction. The charming smiley faces seen here are the folk of Crystal Dynamics: Matthew Guzenda and Riley Cooper (principal designer).


Guzenda: 'Going from the ** ' Angel Of Darkness model, she was very stylised at that point so we wanted to make her look more human. Obviously she still looks very perfect in a lot of respects, as far as dimensions go, but her proportions now are far more human. In AOD if you compared her to the other characters, the others were quite realistic but she stood out. Now obviously, we didn't want to make her too realistic as you run into the whole 'uncanny valley' thing when it looks too close to a human person - you start seeing odd things.. But we wanted to keep her a little more realistic. Lara Croft creator Toby Gard played a big part in that when he came back in. We'd gone through a couple of different models which I'd say were evolutionary from previous models, so then we moved onto this third base model that was pretty different. Which led to the fourth model which is the one we used.'

That Dress:

Cooper: 'Of course, coming to a party she's going to dress appropriately, butin order to get into her mechanics, that dress wouldjust not have worked!

Guzenda: 'The dress was definitely a key moment; when we were designing that level, it was always a part of the design. Were always very conscious about not exploiting her character. I mean, the cheap thing to do is to put Lara in a bikini everywhere, but that's just not something we would do as it is cheap! But we thought that having her in an expensive dress, which is something that Lara would wear, and then having that whole thing when she rips it - its a cool thing to do, and still in line with the character.'


Tomb Physics:

Cooper: 'We set this as a goal really early on -although at first our efforts didn't quite fit in and it was hard to see whether people were actually going to understand what to do with it. But after a while, we managed to do some things that we thought were pretty cool. Flipping the block in the air by jumping on the other side of the see-saw was the most enjoyable thing to design, and the most fun to watch people play. We got all giddy when we watched it - it was great! The main thing we would have done if we'd had more time would have been more physics set-ups, but we were happy with what we did in what was new territory for all of us.'

Team Lara:

Guzenda: 'Zip was actually one of the very few characters from previous games who wasn't killed or disappeared that came into contact with Lara. In the original game she was pretty much always alone, and although that's actually key to the game - feeling that you're alone in the tomb and Lara's the first person to get there - the problem was that it's also very hard to move her personality along if she's not talking to anyone. Unless you're using flashback Scenes and interrupting gameplay, it's very hard to add personality to a character - which is something we really wanted to do with Legend. Having Zip and Alister, having her interact with those guys, adds to her personality and obviously moves the story along. It was also an easy way for us to do a help system that was a little bit more subtle. If you get stuck in a level and don't know what's going on, those guys pipe up and give you some hints.

Arthur's Tomb:

Guzenda: 'The thing with Arthur, the myth of King Arthur, is that it is a weapon, and depending on who you talk to, there are about 20 different versions of the myth. So it's a really cool one to play with - there's plenty of room to explain it and you cant get proven wrong.'

Cooper: 'At first it was like Well, where would we put the Arthurian tomb?, and we knew that there were a lot of museums and locations in the UK that claim to be the true location, so we went with that. One influence for the museum was the funhouse level in Max Payne 2 - it had come out before wed started, but was still fresh in our minds..

Home (Counties) Girl:

Guzenda: 'If you ever get an email from me, my tagline isThat's Lara, not Laura!' We were very aware when it moved to Crystal that the game was going from a UK developer to a US developer. Obviously there's a worldwide audience for Lara, but she's also somewhat of a UK icon. So we were very protective - Im actually British and there are a couple of other Brits on the team, and obviously Toby Gard too. He was a great source of, She wouldnt say that, she'd say it this way.' Even with little things like when we say that it's her manor, rather than her mansion. Although technically its a mansion because we dont show any of the estate..

Massacre Of The Furry Innocents:

Tomb Raider Legend Cheats

Guzenda: Originally, we wanted more creatures in the game than we had. We ended up using human enemies quite a lot, and I think that, based on some of thefeedback we've got, they're something we'll go back to in future games. With Lara you're always very careful, asking would Lara do this?, even when youre killing humans. It's not a shooter, and she doesn't do it for the tin ill of killing people, so you always have to wonder what Lara would do in the situation.

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The team have had plenty of discussions saying, Well Lara wouldn't shoot that'. Like one time we had chickens running around a village and you could shoot them. But would Lara actually shoot chickens? You get lots of weird conversations about stuff like that.