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  • Download Hotspot Shield Basic APK (latest version) for Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, HTC, Lenovo and all other Android phones, tablets and devices.
  • Hotspot Shield VPN for Android is the most trusted security, privacy and access Android app for speed, stability, and security. Hotspot Shield VPN for Android gives you true online freedom – bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing the world’s content from anywhere, with one simple tap.
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Aug 17, 2018 Hotspot Shield APK Free Download Full Version For Android 2019. Every day we deal with viruses, malware, and spyware in this digital world. Hackers are trying their level best to find loopholes in various platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Hotspot Shield VPN APK latest version 4.6.1 is a good application choice for your smartphone. This application will help the Android users in using the Wi-Fi connection. Well, this application is actually provided by AcnchorFree. This company registered in the US. Using this kind of features will give you many benefits in your Android. Well, there are many important things related with Hotspot Shield VPN that you need to know about. Those things will be better for you if you know first before you use it in your phone. To know more, you can go further to read the brief information about this application in this article. Here we go! When you are using this kind of application, you need to know about several things that will help you.

You have to sign up first in your Hotspot Shield VPN to access more related with this feature. After signing up, you can use more features from this application. This feature actually has several benefits, event you may get some sides that you do not really like. The benefit of this VPN is that you will get simple application, and also a clean enough interface.

Besides that, using this one will make you do not need to worry so much about the protection, because this application has a good focus in protection. Besides that, is has good speeds and also good connection. However, you might do not really like about fact that this one does not have enough technical information. Besides that, there is no payment method for the secure. All the good sides and the not-really-good sides of this application can be your consideration to help you to decide whether you will choose this application in your smartphone or not. That is all for you about Hotspot Shield VPN for Android.

Hotspot Shield VPN APK Features and Details for Android

  • Most Trusted VPN
  • No sign up, no registration, no credit cards
  • Unparalleled VPN Performance
  • Largest VPN Coverage
  • No Logs Kept
  • Support

New Hotspot Shield VPN 4.0.4 APK is updated. Let’s download and update the app for Android to get all new features in the previous version. It is a free VPN provider to protect your computer from spyware and viruses when your computer is connected to the internet using the WIFI.

Download Hotspot Shield Android Apk

This software is protect the security of your network while connected via or WIFI Hotspot. It is using a Virtual Private Network to secure your connection, hide your IP address and allows you to open the site in a Website or Block. It is very easy to use. Just by downloading the application, and can be directly installed on the run. This software uses 128-bit SSL encryption that guarantees you to surf the internet safely.

Free download of hotspot shield for android apk free

The way applications use Hotspot Shield is said to be very easy. Users only need to download and run the application. When first run, the application will immediately secure Internet network users. Furthermore, users have to do is go into the settings menu. Users should make arrangements as to where they reside, and so on. After that, the user can set up any type of website they will lock so anyone connected to the Internet network will not be able to access a website that has been locked.

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Features of Hotspot Shield VPN 4.0.4 APK

  • AutoShield: Detects unsecured Wi-Fi to automatically enable HTTPS protection, as well as it automatically unblocks content when you access certain apps or sites. At other times, the VPN is kept off (currently, this feature is available for part of users only)
  • Full protection: Encrypts traffic in and out from your device for ultimate privacy
  • Secure your Wi-Fi connections with banking-level HTTPS encryption; your Wi-Fi network can be vulnerable even if the device is secure
  • Prevent hackers from stealing your private information
  • Mask your IP address to browse the web privately & anonymously
  • Switch countries with ease; dedicated servers in US, UK and Japan
  • Unblock websites or apps such as Facebook, YouTube, BBC, Netflix and Hulu at work, school, while traveling or even through airplane Wi-Fi spots
  • Give unrestricted access to mobile VOIP and messaging services such as Skype and Viber around the world
  • Works like a proxy but with richer functionality

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