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Want to listen to music on your LG phone anywhere you want but don’t know how to download music on LG phone? Here we’ll introduce a useful method to help you out.

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iMobiePosted on: Jan. 16, 2018,Last Updated: Oct. 14, 2019
Music Downloader For Lg Phones

About 15 years ago, you may be looking forward to getting a portable MP3 player as a Christmas or birthday gift from your parents, but nowadays the single function music player is no longer popular among youngsters cause most smartphones can satisfy this need. So many users would rather buy a smartphone to enjoy music in a more convenient and simpler way.

With the advanced inbuilt player and innovative sound technology that bring users clear and high fidelity music, LG phones are one of the hottest choices for music lovers. To enjoy music while taking a bus/train or doing outdoor activity, downloading some favorite music on LG phone is necessary. For this purpose, AnyTrans for Android is recommended to help you download music on LG phone within steps.

Jan 16, 2018 How to Download Music on LG Phone Easily To begin with, you need to download and install AnyTrans for Android to your Windows or Mac computer and then follow the detailed steps below. Free Download. Lg music free download - TubeMate, Groove Music Pass, MP3 Juice - Free MP3 Downloader, and many more programs.

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Outstanding Features of AnyTrans for Android

Designed as a professional Android data transfer tool, AnyTrans for Android is also capable of download audios on Android devices with ease. Check some main features below:

  1. Supports downloading music on LG phone without pre-roll ads, and it supports all types of formats like MP3, M4A, MP4B, WMA, WAV, etc.
  2. It’s compatible with both Mac/PC, and it works well on other Android devices like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola and more.
  3. Besides, it also supports transferring Android data like photos, messages, contacts, videos, apps, call logs, books, calendars from Android and computer, from computer to Android and from iOS to Android.

How to Download Music on LG Phone Easily

To begin with, you need to download and install AnyTrans for Android to your Windows or Mac computer and then follow the detailed steps below.

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1 Launch AnyTrans for Android on your computer and connect your LG phone via a USB cableor WiFi connection. Click the Media Downloader button to get started.

How to Download Music on LG – Step 1

Step 2 Copy the URL of music to the downloading area and choose your LG phone as the destination. Click Download to start.

The Bottom Line

With the help of AnyTrans for Android, it only takes a few simple steps to download music on LG phones. What’s more, you can also download some videos or movies on your LG phones with the similar steps. Just get it to your computer and start a free trial >

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Since the smartphones come with large storage and inbuilt music player, the single-function portable MP3 players is not so popular nowadays. Especially for LG G series phones, they are equipped with the advanced player and adopted the innovative sound technology which bring users clear and high fidelity music. Furthermore, G series phones have 32G memory, thus users can store a large number of tracks without hassle. It’s surely a joyful experience if you own such a cool device, but there’re also problems when trying to download music on LG phone. Different from downloading files on PC, it is impossible for you to open a webpage on mobile and right-click the file to pull it off the net. Besides, for copyright protection, downloadable music resources are limited. Then if you ever failed to save your desired songs and put it on LG mobile, read this article to find the practical solutions.

  • Solution 1: Get MP3s on PC and put them to LG phone
  • Solution 2: Use apps for downloading music on LG

Cheap and Efficient Method to Download Music to LG Phone

The first option I will share here is to download your favorite songs on computer as local files then transfer them to mobile device. What you need is the music downloading program – Streaming Audio Recorder, a phone management app and your phone.

  • Install and Open LG Music Downloader

Click the above “Download” button to get the software, install it by following the wizard. After installation, you will see the shortcut icon on your screen, just double-click it to open.

  • Configure Necessary Settings

Click the gear icon to unfold “Tools” menu on the top right corner of main interface, select “Settings” and then choose “Download settings”. Adjust the “Maximum simultaneous downloads” to ensure that you can download songs to LG phone in batch. Set the “Format” as “MP3”, it is the file type that can be played on the phone smoothly.

  • Search Songs and Download Them

Navigate to “Search” tab for using the music search engine. Type in the song name into the blank bar and press “Enter” key, the results will display for you. You can pre-listen the music first, and tick the boxes before the songs you wish to save, then click “Add to Download” on the left lower part of the interface.

  • Organize Downloaded Music
Music Downloader For Lg Phones

Hit the pop-up reminder “Selected tracks have been added to download list” then you will be lead to download list. Check the progress or just let the software work in background and do other things. Tap “Open Folder” to locate the downloaded songs on computer.

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  • Connect LG Phone for Transferring File

Now you need to install a file management and transfer app to transfer the music, search AirMore in Google Play and install it. Then open AirMore Web, use the scanner in the app to scan the QR code on screen. The service will require your permission to access the data, so simply choose “Agree” or “Accept” on the LG phone.

  • Put Music to LG Phone

Click “Music” icon on the webpage, then you will see the music files on your mobile. Hit “Upload” icon, browse the music folder on PC, press “Ctrl” key on the keyboard and click on the songs at the same time to select them, click “Open” button to begin transferring them to the phone. When it is completed, you can close the webpage to disconnect the service immediately.

Here are the whole procedures to free music downloads for LG phones. It is time to pick your phone to listen to the music at any time.

Workable Apps for Downloading MP3 for LG Phone

If you can guarantee that you always can get Wi-Fi connection, or you don’t mind the high cost on phone expenses and digital music purchase, it is suggested to download music on LG phone with music apps. You will get lost in the vast number of apps in Google Play store, so here recommends two reliable apps.

  • Google Play Music

It is one of the top music apps which let users stream, download, share songs and organize playlist easily. Most users could use it to play music online, but actually you also can pay fees to download the MP3s. One hack is that you can remain concern to the service, it is regularly provides some free albums for downloading. On the other hand, it doesn’t include songs from some artists like Taylor Swift due to the copyright issue.

  • 4Shared Music

4Shared has a huge database for users can find songs from Classic to Pop by sparing no effort. To download music with it, input keywords and use advanced search mode to filter incomplete and low quality songs. In the song list, tap the one you like for achieve more functions like play, download, add to playlist and share.

Music Downloader For Lg Phones For Pc

Which is the better way in your view? Do you have other solutions to download music to LG phone? Please leave a comment and discuss with us!

Music Downloader For Lg Phones Download

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